HELA Capabilities


  • U.S. Corporation, with no Chinese Affiliation or Investments
  • Registered supplier of metals to U.S. Government
  • Developer of Technology to Manufacture Magnets from Rare Earth (RE) Metal Salts
  • Producer of Fine Metal Powders (< 5 microns) of Rare Earths , Base Metals and Master alloys
  • Cost-effective Technology can sustain a domestic supply chain of RE metals


Game-changing and patent-pending technologies:

  1. Technology converts individual RE and base metal oxides to metal powders ( 1- 5 microns)
  2. Production of magnetic materials directly from metal salts
  3. Produces metal powders directly from chloride or sulfate solutions , examples: Nd, Pr, Sm, Dy, Tb, Y, Lu, Sc, Co, Ni, Fe, Cu, V, Ti and Nb
  4. Production of RE metal alloy powders such as NdFeB, AlNiCo and SmCo required for sintering permanent magnets.
  • 2-5 microns, Neodymium Ferro-boron, (NdPr)2 Fe 14 B
  • 2-5 microns , Samarium Cobalt, Sm2Co17 , SmCo5
  • 2-5 microns, Aluminum Nickel Cobalt , AlNiCo
  • 2-5 microns, Ferro-dysprosium , FeDy
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